Zonjati Stud



Breeding: Cameron- Etemba  by Graveur- Anschluss - Left Wing XX

Esmiralda will be put under saddle before she is bread to Consuelo this year. Esmiralda and Angelina will be the first daughter by Cameron to be breed with Consuelo.

She is half-sister to Elpaso.



Breeding: Cameron - Anemie Drosselklang-Dolerit- Kronos-Boccaccio

She has a high ranking in the heard hierarchy. She is trained to pull a horse cart and dose this well.

Proving her willingness to perform.

She will be put under saddle before we have her covered by Consuelo.

Bon Imala

Breeding: Bono-Desdemona
by Diavolo-Silbernagel ox

She inherited Bono's lively character and his talented jumping. She is in foal to Consuelo and we await impatiently the arrival of this promising foal.




Breeding: Cameron -Hera by Drosselklang-Graveur - Anschluss

Hanna is mother to Hope(A.I. Laptop) and now in foal to Consuelo. She replaces her mother Hera who gave some super offspring.


Studbook mare
Breeding: Drosselklang and Athene F by Dolerit-Kronos-Boccaccio
Anemie is half-sister to Alaska and mother of Astro by Saliner Angelina by Cameron and Avatar by Consuelo. Anemie is a worthy broodmare. She is always spirited, moves elegantly and has good jumping technique. She raises her foals well and is a good mother.




Premium Mare

Breeding: Gluckscup and Cassy(imp Hann) by Consul (Trak) - Woermann – Waldmeister.

She is mother of Casta by Consuelo Chanaya by Consuelo Cotint by Cameron Cascaya, the mare with a 10 for her face! A very dear old girl, in foal to Consuelo which we await in November. All her offspring prove that “Glückscup” is the perfect match for Consuelo. 


Grand Final

Premium Mare

Breeding: Glückscup - Eichbaum (imp Hann) - Lone Eagle XX (GB) Mother of Graziano, Gaucho and Graziana by Consuelo Bon Jovi by Bono and Gladis by Saliner "Fine" the mare that produces superstars with definite personalities.

They all want to perform well and have great potential.